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You are a few steps away from activating your Sim360, please follow instructions below:

Step 1

Register account by clicking on SIGN IN button in the top navigation bar.

Step 2

After successful registration, please fill up form with your personal data and click SAVE button, in order to be able to activate your Sim360 and to add additional funds to your balance for additional services like data, voice calls and SMS.

Step 3

In MY CABINET click on MY CARDS button, you will be directed to a page where all sim cards that are assigned to your account will be listed.
Click on ADD AN EXISTING SIM button.
Popup window will appear with title ADD NUMBER.
Please follow the instructions that are indicated in the popup window.

Step 4

After successfully linking your Sim360 number to your account please access
MY CARDS page and click on  CLICK TO ACTIVATE button.

After successful activation please follow the Smartphone Settings.
For any additional questions please contact us via online chat or email: support@sim360.co we will be happy to assist you.

Smartphone Settings

Insert sim card in your smartphone and connect to mobile network.
Change APN in your cellular data settings:

For iPhone – Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Networks > Enter MSG in APN field.

For Android – Go to Menu > Settings > Mobile Network > Access Point Names. Tap menu button – New APN – enter it’s name (Sim360) – tap APN field and enter MSG – tap OK and SAVE.


Attention please!
If after entering APN settings, service still does not work please check the followings:

  Data roaming should be ON, don’t worry no extra fees for data roaming will be applied.

  After setting up try to reboot the phone.

  If you use Dual Sim phone, please insert Sim360 in first slot and reboot the smartphone.

If you have followed all the instruction and UTM (unlimited text messages service) still doesn’t work please contact our tech team at support@sim360.co we will help you.