web-call cart

We are a product development and design studio currently based in countries like Romania, Germany, Moldova, Estonia,  Tenerife. We are a global team that works. We believe in combining work and pleasure. By doing what we love, we design and create products that deliver people an utmost experience.

And now, we are ready to take a new hight. We also believe that traveling and staying connected goes hand in hand. While traveling is already mainstream, communication services, with all the roaming fees, call tariffs and data charges fall a few steps behind. This is why we imagined a product that frees you from your home telecom provider and connects you to a global network that treats you like a local, wherever you are.
Sim360 gives you just that freedom. No borders, no limits, no worries!

Internet should be unlimited. Governments should hand out favours less. Also, panda hugs should be available to everyone. But until that time comes, we will continue looking for the best solutions out there now, and commit to make it available to as many of you as possible.